The smart piece of jewelry that takes care of you

Twin.C, a technological piece of jewelry

IEVA takes up the challenge of embedding 5 environmental sensors and an activity sensor in the Twin.C smart jewel.

Twin.C is connected to your environment

Check your exposure to environmental stress in real time. Open the IEVA application to get a detailed look at each pollutant and each environmental factor, like a weather forecast.

Twin.C, a smart piece of jewelry for everyone

Twin.C comes in all colors, all materials - silk, leather, pearls -, all shapes - straps, bag jewelry, necklaces - to suit every style. Make your smart piece of jewelry an integral part of your life.

A piece of jewelry that takes care of the Planet

By wearing Twin.C every day, you take care of yourself and contribute to the future of the Planet. All environmental data collected worldwide are used by many international research teams to improve climate models aimed at predicting climate change.

Measurements to understand. Personalized recommendations to act.

A click on environmental measurements across the world...


Monitor each measurement of your environment and act for a better life

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A discreet and elegant design that suits all styles.

Twin.C to Go by Ieva

Twin.C to Go, our smart piece of jewelry for your well-being.

IEVA has decided to rely on the skills and expertise of the most renowned craftspeople of prestigious French fashion houses to create a 100% French piece of jewelry.


Dimensions & Weight

42x42x10 mm


Dimensions of interchangeable accessories

10 mm

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ieva vision
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