Live the IEVA experience

Access to real-time measurements of your environment and act for a better life

Live the IEVA experience

Access to real-time measurements of your environment and act for a better life

Because your environment is unique, IEVA creates Twin.C, the smart piece of jewelry that takes care of you in a different way...
Twin.C and the IEVA mobile application help you to act and adopt good habits facing environmental stress to ensure your well-being, adapt your nutrition, and preserve your beauty.

Adapt your nutrition

Every week, in the IEVA application, top chefs and health professionals share with you cooking recipes and nutritional advice to eat healthily and sustainably according to the seasons and your needs.

Measure ambient temperature and humidity

At home, to enjoy thermal comfort, and outdoors, to preserve your well-being by predicting the temperature felt outside, and by protecting yourself from the adverse effects of environmental stress on your body (asthma or allergies) and on your skin (irritation, sebum, redness).

Adopt the right beauty routine according to your environmental measurements

To protect your skin and hair from environmental stress (temperature changes, fine particle pollution, humidity, or UV rays), which contributes to their premature aging.

Predict air quality

Outside: to plan your activities according to your pollution and pollen forecast, thanks to the AQI (Air Quality Index), which reports whether the air is good or unhealthy and whether the related health effects are a potential concern. At home: to improve air quality thanks to Twin.C's alerts if there is a too high concentration of pollutants in the room.

Monitor the UV index in real time

To protect your skin at the beach, in town, when skiing, or simply walking with a sun protection factor that is recommended according to your phototype.

Analyze the ambient noise around you

In your bedroom for better sleep or in your office for better concentration. Exposure to excessive ambient noise disrupts sleep: even when asleep, sounds reach the ear and are transmitted to our brain, which interprets them, altering the quality and time of our sleep.

Keep indoor air healthy

You can keep your environment healthy by following the personalized recommendations and advice that Twin.C, our smart device, gives you, according to the data it measures.