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Twin-C to Go
149 €

- Patented encapsulated technology

- Pollution measurement (CO2, VOC), luminosity, noise, temperature, humidity, UV (UVA, UVB), activity

- Personalized beauty routine

- Worn as a bag charm, strap

- Interchangeable color

- For an easy use: Twin-C is screenless and buttonless

- Not waterproof

- Comes with charging station, adapter, instructions and warranties


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2-year limited warranty

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I Care About You, You Care About the Planet.

Twin-C is a real link between its user and the environment, protecting each individual through personalized care and contributing to a more sustainable way of life. IEVA is thus building a community of actors committed to the knowledge and preservation of the environment.
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bijou connecté to go ieva
bijou connecté ieva technologie capteurs pollution intérieure

Mobile Application

IEVA is part of your daily routine and creates the link with your environment

Find all the information you need to know and forecast the impact of the environment on the IEVA mobile application.

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Outdoor Mode
Imagine being able to know... The sunscreen to use during your lunch on the terrace, the quality of the air for an early morning jog…

The IEVA mobile application allows you, in the blink of an eye, to visualize and understand the environment in which you are. Each measure is detailed with an interpretation and advice.

Worn on your wrist, attached to your bag or as a key ring, Twin-C is in outdoor mode. It measures and analyses in real time the environment around you…
pollution intérieure twinc bijou connecté
Indoor Mode
When placed on its charging base, Twin-C switches to Indoor mode and becomes a great tool to analyze the air quality in your home.

Create the most comfortable working environment at home with Twin-C, measuring the key parameters of your indoor spaces. Simply click to understand your home and act for your comfort...
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Your Beauty Routine
Do you know the ideal face mask for you according to your skin and environment? What is the perfect shampoo for you? Do you need to apply a conditioner for your hair today?

By analyzing your environment and knowing your needs, the IEVA mobile application becomes your best beauty coach and answers all these questions and more...

By offering you a beauty routine that is personalized and perfectly adapted to your desires, the IEVA application helps you to preserve your beauty capital.

Find daily the steps of a beauty routine in perfect harmony with your environment.
pollution environnement beauté personnalisée twinc bijou connecté
Your Timeline
Imagine being able to know... the upcoming changes in your environment and be able to anticipate them very easily.

In your timeline, find all the information you need to ensure your well-being and comfort all day long.

Every day, you will find a summary of the data measured by your Twin-C, along with perfectly personalized tips, tricks and recommendations.
application beauté nutrition ieva twinc bijou connecté
Read / See
In the subway, on a café terrace, or comfortably sitting on your sofa, read articles, portraits, interviews written or selected by IEVA in your mobile application.

Find a multitude of articles, recipes, tips,... on various themes ranging from beauty to lifestyle, including nutrition and well-being.

The IEVA mobile application becomes a new way to keep you informed and guide you in your activities.
application beauté nutrition ieva twinc bijou connecté
It is our environmental and beauty commitment that inspires us every day to develop partnerships with high quality beauty, nutrition and lifestyle brands, following an ethic that is in harmony with the IEVA philosophy.

We believe that everyone should have access to beauty, which is why we are creating this e-shop. Our mission: to offer you an impressive range of brands and products for beauty, nutrition and lifestyle, for everyone and at all prices.
bijoiu de sac mesures pollution environnement

Discreet, elegant, always there, the Twin-C smart jewel takes care of you...

bijou connecté mesure pollution intérieure
The Twin-C smart jewel adapts its technology to your indoor spaces by allowing you to take action to build a healthier and more comfortable environment at home or in the office.

bijou connecté mesure stress environnemental

Air pollution (fine particles, ozone, carbon dioxide, etc.)

Humidity levels


Ambient noise

UV-A, UV-B and UV Index



Technical characteristics

More information

twinc bijou connecté technologie capteurs mesures environnement bijou connecté twinc technologie captures mesures pollution

Dimensions: 45x38 ø x12,5 mm

Material: Silver plated metal

Weight: 30g 


Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.2


Application available on Google Play / Apple Store iOS 10.0 or later Android 4.1 

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