IEVA provides IoT and technology based personalized solutions for the Personal Care market, including Beauty, Luxury, Entertainment and Life Style.

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What we do

IEVA provides IoT and technology based personalized solutions focused on enhancing and improving human life. IEVA solutions initially focus on servicing the Personal Care market and encompass both hardware products and devices, software and web-based solutions as well as associated services.


How we do it

IEVA direct-to-consumer Personal Care solutions are based on the use of MEMS and IoT based technology to characterize the environmental stress as well as individual physiological attributes (skin, hair, etc.) and accordingly deliver suitable personalized beauty, personal care and life style recommendations. IEVA supplies both the devices and the access to consumer personalized recommendation via its E-commerce Platform.


Precise measurements together with innovative data management and data communication capabilities provide the development of knowledge and exchange platforms delivering to the consumer the most appropriate personal care solutions, while increasing awareness of human impact on the Planet.

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About IEVA

IEVA provides IoT and technology based personalized solutions for the Personal Care market, including Beauty, Luxury and Life Style. IEVA solutions encompass both hardware products and devices, software and web-based solutions as well as associated services. IEVA operations are based in France, with offices in Paris, Crolles and Brest.


Jean Michel Karam

Jean M Karam, is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MEMSCAP (Euronext: MEMS) and Chief Executive Officer of IOMA/INTUISKIN (A wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever).

Prior to founding MEMSCAP, Jean M Karam served at the French research institute TIMA-CMP Laboratories in Grenoble, where he started and grew the Microsystems Group. He received a Ph.D. in Microelectronics from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble in 1996, and additional EE degrees from University of Paris VII and the Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique (Paris). He founded MEMSCAP in November 1997 and took it public in March 2001, raising in its IPO more than 100 million euros at a valuation of 430 million euros. In 2010, he spun-out IOMA/INTUISKIN from MEMSCAP, developed it and sold it to Unilever a couple of years later. He is author or co-author of more than 250 scientific and economic publications, inventor or co-inventor of more than 50 patents. He co-founded several high-technology companies and is consultant to several companies and investors.

Vera Strübi
Board Member

CEO of Thierry Mügler Parfums until December 2006, Vera Strübi has had a major impact on the cosmetics world as president or CEO of perfume houses including Groupe Y.S.L Parfums and Montana Parfums International. Renowned within the prestige perfume world, she originated the creation of the now mythical ‘Angel’ that has become an international reference.

Yann Cousinet
Board Member

Yann is currently Chief Financial Officer of MEMSCAP and IOMA/INTUISKIN.

Prior to joining MEMSCAP in 2005, Yann Cousinet dedicated 9 years to audit and financial consulting, where he specialized in semi-conductor and high-technologies. Former Senior Manager with Ernst & Young, where he also was in charge of recruiting and management for Ernst & Young in the Rhônes-Alpes region, Yann’ primary field of competence is listed multinational companies. Mastering both Anglo-Saxon and IAS/IFRS reporting standards, Yann has a diploma from Grenoble business school where he now teaches. Yann is also a cofounder of IOMA/INTUISKIN.

CM-CIC Innovation
Board Member

represented by Stéphane Simoncini


Management Team
David Moulinier
Engineering Director

David Moulinier received his Engineering Degree in Applied Sciences and Microelectronics from the High School ICPI in Lyon, France. In 1999, he joined the MEMSCAP Group where he held multiple development and technical management positions in research areas covering computer science, microelectronics and MEMS technologies. In 2004, David joined MEMSCAP Skin Initiative, where he led the research & development activities within the Methods & Devices Business unit. In 2010, David co-founded IOMA/INTUISKIN where he became Director of Enabling Technology division heading all technological developments.

In 2016, David co-founded IEVA where he acts as Director of Engineering.

Benoit Bordigoni
Manager, Software Engineering

Before starting with IEVA, Benoit worked 5 years+ with IOMA/INTUISKIN as a Software Architect, he conveived and lead development of the IOMA Cloud ecosystem, but also help the company modernize IOMA/INTUISKIN devices software. When he joined IOMA, Benoit was working as a consultant and R&D engineer for Prima-Solutions, a software editor based in Paris for 6 years. He acquired a rich experience in JAVA EE back-end solutions with a variety of major insurance companies in France. Back in the 2000's he worked for a couple of Parisian web agencies.

Benoit is in charge of leading all software and data developements.

Yann Tréguer
Manager, Electronics

Yann worked for INTUISKIN/IOMA during 10 years where he developed and led the design and manufacturing of all the hardware part of IOMA devices. His former experience was in the thermal imaging field in Paris at CEDIP Infrared Systems where he was product manager for uncooled camera.

Yann leads all electronics/hardware development for IEVA.

Cyril Clappaz
Manager, Mechanical Engineering

All of Cyril's designs are conducted by a high sense of precision and a real passion for beautilful objects. He is the father of IOMA Mirror™ one of the most advanced devices IOMA has produced. He started his carreer conceiving and supervizing the manufacturing of air laminar flow products.

In IEVA, Cyril will lead mechanical engineering.



With the accelerated use of PC’s and internet in the early 90’s, electronics and innovative technologies have started to emerge to become omnipresent today.

The consumer evolving in this evolving environment is implementing and using sophisticated tools to perform a multitude of tasks to enhance life quality, increase processes and expand communication.
The use of technology is becoming the way to measure and quantify business performances, environmental conditions and predict social evolutions, as well as to address human body and mental condition using pro-active systems detecting potential weaknesses and recommending efficient products and treatments.

Achieving precise measurements together with innovative data management and data communication capabilities will provide the development of knowledge and exchange platforms between skin/hair and beauty professionals and consumers.

Benefits from wireless communication and internet access, miniaturization, MEMS technologies, embedded intelligence, low power consumption, IoT, big data trend are used to develop and optimize IEVA’s devices family.

The extensive use of emerging MEMS technologies enables miniaturization, mass production, drastic cost reduction and power consumption and the elaboration of new sensing features. The bundled offering of an environmental stress monitoring coupled with physiological measurement tools associated to personalized suitable personal care regimen and products proposed by a user-friendly, technologically backed e-commerce platform is unique.

In addition, IEVA tools enable extensive knowledge and awareness of the human impact on our Planet, leading to a more responsible behavior with our homeland, Earth.



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IEVA Operations are based in France with offices located in the following cities :



91 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris



Parc Activillage des fontaines
ZI Bernin
38926 Crolles Cedex



38 Rue Jim Sévellec
1er Etage Bureau N°10
29200 Brest